Exploring the Traditional Crafts of Alexandria, Virginia

At a young age, I was introduced to the joy of working with lana, and I have since been striving to bring that same pleasure to my work. I'm passionate about experimenting with color and texture, and introducing unexpected elements to spinning and knitting. These ancient crafts link me to the past as I explore modern techniques and ideas. Robin Milburn is a fiber artist and hand weaver based in Falls Church, Virginia.

He learned to weave in 1995 at Springwater Fiber Workshop in Alexandria, Virginia, and has been creating decorative and portable fiber arts ever since. His interests have expanded over the years to include Japanese braiding, spinning, felting, dyeing, weaving, layering, and paper manufacturing. Robin has taken numerous classes in weaving, spinning, dyeing and kumihimo through national and regional conferences, local fiber arts schools and instructors, and guild workshops.

Floyd County Route

The Floyd Craft Route is the largest artisan community in Southwest Virginia.

It brings visitors face-to-face with an eclectic collection of talented artisans who are deeply rooted in a community that encourages creativity and inspiration.

Staunton, Augusta & Waynesboro

The artisans of Staunton, Augusta & Waynesboro are proud to preserve the region's traditional arts such as quilting, spinning, soap making, weaving, wood carving and chair canning. They also explore the limits of modern innovations to create unique works of art. There are plenty of activities for all ages and interests here - from theaters to re-enactments to festivals.

Annandale (Virginia)

Robin is a member of the jury of the United Craftsmen Gallery in Annandale (Virginia), the Artisans Guild of Northern Virginia and the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery of the Alexandria Torpedo Factory. He is also an active member of the Waterford Weavers Guild.

Giles County

The artisans of Giles County have carved, molded, fused, painted and quilted unique and creative works of art found in the picturesque villages scattered throughout the mountains and valleys.

Smyth County

The artisans of Smyth County are energetic, distinctive and rooted in mountain traditions that come to life through their creative work.

Visitors can experience this culture at craft festivals, farmers' markets or wineries.

Grayson County

Grayson County offers visitors a chance to refresh their spirit by crossing mountain streams and the highest peaks in Virginia along winding roads. Marla trained at the Fleischer Art Memorial in Philadelphia, at the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven (Connecticut), at the Philadelphia College of Art and at The Craft Alliance in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Bristol & Washington County

The artisans who walk this trail are proud to preserve traditional craftsmanship or explore modern innovations to create first-class works of art.

Wise County & Norton

The artisans who live along the Lonesome Pine Craft Route are inspired by a culture steeped in mountain landscapes to create masterpieces that reflect their rich heritage.

Dickenson & Buchanan Counties

Rivers to Ridges Craft Trail offers visitors a glimpse into a rich artisanal tradition of quilting, carving, canning, music and dancing that has developed in these mountains of southern Appalachia since the first pioneers moved here in the 18th century. Exploring traditional crafts is an exciting way to connect with history while discovering new techniques and ideas. From weaving to wood carving to quilting - there is something for everyone along Virginia's craft trails! Whether you're looking for a unique souvenir or just want to experience a different culture - these trails offer an unforgettable journey into Virginia's rich artisanal heritage.

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